Personal Injury Claims


A personal injury is when you have suffered physical, psychological or emotional injury due to the negligence of another person, company or other entity.  The result of this negligence is that you may be entitled to compensation.  These injuries could be a result of a Road Traffic Accident, workplace accident or any other accident. As Personal Injury solicitors we can handle the personal injury claim for you. All Personal Injury claims must now be filed through the Injuries Board.


We will handle the claim on your behalf and will organise the following:

-Organise to take up medical report
-Organise to take up Garda Report if you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident
-File the claim on your behalf with the Injuries Board
-Organise to file the case in court if the matter is not resolved through the injuries board
-Advise you on progress of the claim and attend settlement negotiations with you if arranged.


If you have suffered personal injuries as the result of an accident and would like to speak to a Solicitor then please call us at 021-7332974 for a Consultation to discuss your claim.


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